silicon based hydraulic hose specication

Script-Based QOS Speci cations for Multimedia Presentations

This speci cation language will form the basis for a QOS interface for reservation of operating system resources.Keywords: Resource Reservations, Real Time

Probe-based Algorithm for QoS Speci cation and Adaptation

In this environment one of the problems will become the application QoS speci cation NS95] such as the video display frame rate before any negotiation

Building a MultiAgent System from a User Work ow Specication

Agent System from a User Work ow Specicationbased notation to describe work ow specications

Prototyping Object Speci cations Using Active Database Systems

The mapping of Troll concepts (or parts of the object speci cation) to the three parts of an ECA-rule is depicted in the following table (restricted

Automated Veri cation of State-Based Speci cations against

While designing a system, it is critical to ensure that its behavioral speci cation is correct with respect to its requirements. These requirements are

Abstracting Graph-Based Speci cations of Object-Oriented

Abstracting Graph-Based Speci cations of Object-Oriented ProgramsThis paper presents two contributions towards the auto- matic maintenance of object-oriented

2. Specications and Assumptions_

We integrate two concepts from programming languages into a speci cation language based on WS2S, namely high-level data structures such as records and

Model-based speci cations

Model-based speci cationsB. Q. MonahanR. C. Shaw

Technical Specication for Authorization Service

Technical Specication for Authorization ServiceABSTRACT In this document, the The architecture is presented using UML-based notations. This deliverable wil

Glass jug specication from different vendor_

Component-based algebraic specicationS. IidaK. FutatsugiR. Diaconescu

Sequence-Based Software Speci cation

Sequence-Based Software Speci cationABSTRACT Acknowledgments First I wish to thank my advisor, Professor Jesse Poore, for his excellent guidance, advice, and


In this paper we discuss the advantages and limitations of a speci cation-based software testing technique we call CEG-BOR. There are two phases in

Specications of Dynamically Recongurable Component Based

Hierarchical Temporal Speci¯cations of Dynamically Recon¯gurable Component Based SystemsNazareno Aguirre, Tom Maibaum

E cient Speci cation-Based Component Retrieval

1.2. Technical Overview Due to the overhead of automated theorem proving, speci cation matching is too computationally expensive to test a large number

Based Object Systems from LSC Speci cations 1 Introduction

Synthesizing State-Based Object Systems from LSC Speci cations 1 Introductiondoi:10.1007/3-540-44674-5_1Live sequence charts (LSCs) have been defined

A Veriflcation System for Interval-Based Speciflcation

In this article, we develop a veriflcation system to facilitate the formal analysis of interval-based speciflcation languages with machine-assisted proof

Policy Language Specication

Policy Language Specicationdoi: This reports The document also species the architecture of a distributed policy-based

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A Speci cation-based Data Model

A Speci cation-based Data ModelThis paper presents a conceptual data model for engineered products ranging from software systems to physical objects. The

Protective interface speci cations__

The USE tool: A UML-based speci cation environmentMark Richters

Tool Specication with GTSL

Developers demand language-based tools that provide document production support,The focus of this paper is on the specification of such integrated tools

unifying approach to graph-transformation-based speci cation

Kreowski, H.J., Busatto, G., Kuske, S.: GRACE as a unifying approach to graph-transformation-based specification. In: Ehrig, H., Ermel, C.,

Criteria for Generating Speci cation-based Tests

These techniques provide coverage criteria that are based on the speci cations, and are made up of several parts, including test pre xes that contain

Speci cation-based Testing

This work examines algebraic-speci cation based testing with particular attention to the ap- proach reported by Gilles Bernot, Marie Claude Gaudel and Bruno

of Knowledge-Based Systems with Formal Speci cations

This paper examines how formal speci cation techniques can support the ver- i cation and validation (VV) of knowledge-based systems. Formal speci cation

Service Specication with MSCs and Roles

Based on the above denition, adequate specication techniques for services need to provide, in particular, ma- ture modeling elements for component

Conceptual View of the Specication Level Model | Download

Download scientific diagram | Conceptual View of the Specication Level Model from publication: Top-down modeling of RISC processors in VHDL | The authors

Monitor-Based Formal Speci cation of PCI

This paper presents a new style of speci cation based on writing the interface speci cation as a formal mon- itor, which enables the formal speci

Constraint-Based Speci cation and Data ow Analysis for JavaTM

Constraint-Based Speci cation and Data ow Analysis for JavaTM Bytecode Veri cationAbstract. (Java) bytecode veri cation should prevent various runtime

A Constraint-Based Speci cation for Box Layout in CSS2 1

A Constraint-Based Speci cation for Box Layout in CSS2 1 IntroductionCascading Style Sheets provide a exible mechanism for governing the appearance of Web

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